Pyram King

Historical Adventure Novelist

As a son of foreign exchange teachers, he had become a world traveler by the age of 10. His travels took him into jungles and remote villages across South East Asia, on the Trans-Siberian Railway when China was ruled by Mao and the Soviet Union was a superpower and sailed the Atlantic aboard the QEII. He experienced a coup and unrest in Central America, explored remote islands in the Pacific, climbed Kilimanjaro, and spent a volatile time in the Persian Gulf.

Traveling combined with his literary and adventurer inspirations; Burton, Lawrence, Hemingway, Hesse, became an essential defining part of his life, infusing a more profound interest in the history and culture of the places he visited.

Over the years he became an autodidact historian and economist, never satisfied with subjective answers and coincidences, he began his own research applying objective reasoning and logic. There were too many coincidences in history, too many stories thought to be nothing more than myths.

When others thought Homer’s Iliad was nothing more than a myth, it was an amateur archaeologist and businessman Schliemann who believe the text to be history, leading to the discovery of Troy. Despite Schliemann’s criticized methods, the point was clear, there is far more to these ancient myths. One needs to dig, figuratively, and sometimes literally.

Sometimes it takes an objective eye not molded by conventional wisdom to find the truth.

Personal Interests


Verbosity is a gift and a curse. A passion for expressing thoughts and ideas to paper has a feel of immortality. The art is to compile the meanderings into a coherent story.


A bibliophile who has not let his passion overtake his home, yet. To become a decent writer, you need to read. To become a great author, you need to read a lot. I have far more reading to do.


The twist of the aperture, the click of the shutter. A photographer before digital, I had become accustomed to the tactile sensation of a manual camera.


Train and ship are my preferred modes of travel. There are those who vacation and those who travel, I am of the latter variety. I prefer the journey, rather than the destination.


The warm trade wind fills the sails, with a creak of the rigging. The bow crests a wave, sending a salty spray across the fore-deck. No mindless noise, just the open ocean, it is the sea where I’d rather be.

Wine, Food, Rum & Cigars

An exquisite dinner with fine wine, followed by smooth rum and mellow cigar, while enjoying stimulating conversation is the best way to end the day.

Wisdom flows from the spring of experience and knowledge.

The Future
Beyond Destiny's War

Destiny's War, the entire series was written and lies in draft form. I continue to edit each book for its release in the coming months.

Often asked what next? The answer is simple, the grand story is actually four series.

The first, Destiny's War, is completed and being edited. The second is a sequel, taking place during World War II. This is followed by a prequel, in the late 1800s, leading up to Destiny's War. The last is a post-war series that concludes the entire story arch.

The completed series has been outlined, and I have started the draft. However my responsibility is to edit the current book series for release.

My advice, if you enjoy Destiny's War, stick around, there's more.