Discover the Secret

Journey into the unknown.

Saladin's Secret

Part 1

The Great War erupts across the known world, pitting empires against nations. The Middle Eastern desert becomes a battlefield, as the Ottoman Empire battle against the pressing British Forces.

A reporter, a spy, an archaeologist, are all proper descriptions of Marion by the age of 18. He ran away from home after his mother passed away, seeking to walk in the footsteps of Sir Richard Francis Burton, and he did, both literally and figuratively.

Traveling with the Imperial Camel Corp deep into enemy territory he discovers a history and a secret dating back centuries. The myths of Saladin, Sinan, Assassins, Templars hide a truth of an ancient war.

Marion does not know who to trust when a mysterious new enemy seek an artifact, which may hold a secret that could tip the balance of power.

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Assassin Awakes

Part 2

Reporting from the battlefield had taken its toll. Needing a break, Marion hoped his new friend, Lt. Bejamin Wright would led him to a remote outpost out of harms way as the conflict of the Great War raged across the desert.

Instead, Seekers, mysterious nomads hunting for an ancient dagger known as Saladin’s Hidayah, now in Marion’s possession, have brought him closer to danger.

Those around him and those he trusts are not whom they appear. Sgt. Sauer, a German fighting for the English knows more than he leds on, Brigadier General Smith is part of Ms. Bell’s spy network, and the ancient story of Saladin and Sinān seem to transcend time and are some how woven into the fabric of the Great War and the Desert Sea.

Marion is alone for the first time, not knowing who to trust.

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