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Assassin Awakes

I am in the process of editing Assassin Awakes, but first, Happy Birthday Jace, whom the series is dedicated to.

My apologies in the delay of Assassin Awakes, I had hoped to have it released before the summer. Unfortunately, real-life and this virus situation has initially slowed progress.  I have received a few emails from you eagerly awaiting the fate of Marion and the battle of Mar Musa. To provide some clarity, Assassin Awakes is already written, as is the entire series in draft form. What does take time is research and editing. The subsequent quarantine we are all managing has provided me the time to myopically focus on the edits.

Destiny's War Assassin Awakes
Destiny’s War Assassin Awakes

Ironically the writing comes far quicker than the painstaking research; dates, locations, names, connections. Writing Destiny’s War is as much a research project as it is a series of novels.  The writing process goes something like this; outline the series and write the book, however, the missing parts are detailed information on the location, people, events, and historical connections.


Update Process

The research process is an entirely different undertaking, from the writing process.

  1. Gather Data. The first step is time-intensive. Collecting the data requires hours (days and months) of combing the internet, reading books, looking up references, and taking notes.
  2. Detective work.  What I routinely find is disjointed data with loose connections or none at all. I notice during the data gathering process one source may have not made the connection to another. Tying them together begins the reveal process.
  3. Reveal. This is the epiphany, the moment when you realize a connection or truth others may have missed. It is, what I believe is the true secret of connecting it all together.
  4. Edit. Now comes the time when I re-read the draft and begin to update the references and add the endnotes. During this process, the story may change slightly because of date, location, or perhaps I have discovered something that is far too important to leave out.

I wish, as I am sure you do as well, the process was faster and smoother. However, the research process is the painstaking work that breaths life and creates the fabric of the series. There is no Mar Musa, Camel Corps, Saladin, Sinan, or detailed references without the research process.

Marion’s journey is important, I feel I owe it to Marion and you, the reader, that I spend the time making sure that it is as accurate and as polished as I can make it.

Assassin Awakes has some rather substantive reveals and addressing some questions left in Saladin’s Secret. One question that I am often asked, what happened to Sergeant Sauer? Rest assured; you will have your answer in Assassin Awakes and many more.

Thank you for your support.

Destiny’s War is available at Amazon.

      Note to self, I have already found some improvements and updates to Saladin’s Secret, but I will wait until the series is complete before I go back and edit it again.

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