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Destiny’s War background music

Music is such an integral part of our lives. I frequently listen to background music when I read, which is mostly classical music. The type of classic music greatly depends on the topic and book I am reading, creating an atmosphere, helping me become immersed in the book. Destiny’s War background music needs to pull the reader into the story.

After writing and reading (and re-reading many drafts) of Destiny’s War Saladin’s Secret, I began creating a playlist of music to produce an atmosphere for the story.  Listening to the background music was also enjoyable when listening to the audiobook, I played the background music on a small Bluetooth speaker, it certainly pulled me into the story. It may be worth considering adding some intro music or even background music to the audiobook.

Finding the proper background music was a choir and still is, I may add or replace music as I continue to find the correct background for the story.

Hopefully, it helps create the atmosphere for the story; the Great Desert Sea, the Camel Corps during World War I, ancient ruins, the myths, and the dreaded Seekers hunting Marion and his companions.

I am currently listening to the playlist as I edit book 2: Assassin Awakes. I am eager for Assassin Awakes release.

You can find Destiny’s War background music on Spotify.

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