Marion’s Sketches

Marion’s sketches are an integral part of bringing Destiny’s War series to life. The diary notes, sketches, and items from the era provide a glimpse from the narrator’s perspective.

Below are a few of the sketches found in Destiny’s War Part 1: Saladin’s Secret.  They are charcoal on paper. These are a few of my personal favorites.



Major Bassett stares at the shadows upon the wall. The shadows’ dance on the wall reminds me of the first time I heard the stories of Masyaf. The Bedouins would share the myths of the castle on starry, moonless nights.

Destiny's War Part 1: Saladin's Secret
The scene in which Marion, Major Basset, and Captain Wilson are discussing the myths of Saladin and the Old Man in the Mountain and the siege of Masyaf in the late evening among the ruins of Azraq. The shadows creating the scenes of the myth as they share the tale certainly sets a mood.


We are all far more than what we appear. Most never see the world and man’s path in the universe. They seek out, rather than in, to make sense of their life. Wisdom flows from the spring of knowledge and experience.

Sapiente is far more than what he appears, wise for sure, but he is also careful and deliberate in his speech and manner. Sapiente’s proverbs and wit could fill their own book.  His words are influential on Marion. The sketch of Sapiente is fascinating, reflecting his blindness, but at the same time, as Marion states – he seems to see.



I have only the rucksack my father gave me, sitting by the table at my side. I look down; my whole life is in that bag: a small sketchbook with charcoal wrapped in paper, my grandfather’s brass compass, a Bedouin robe given to me along with a small curved-blade dagger, and my mother’s Bible.

Destiny's War Part 1: Saladin's Secret
Marion carries for years his worldly possessions in his rucksack, a small backpack. He carried it throughout his time in the First World War as a reporter, many times into the battlefield. In Destiny’s War it carry’s all he has left in the world he once lived, a small reminder of where he came from.



I have included 20 sketches in Destiny’s War Part 1: Saladin’s Secret. Order your copy today and let me know what your favorite sketch is.




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“Wisdom flows from the springs of knowledge and experience.”— Pyram King


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