Part 2 Book Cover

Destiny’s War Part 1: Saladin’s Secret is going through the final touch-ups for the initial eBook, book, and audio book launch in January.  Meanwhile I am working diligently with the editors on finalizing Part 2: Assassin Awakes for a launch in the summer of 2020.

I have already received several requests from those who have read Part 1 for a copy of Part 2 (note: available as a Advance Review Copy at NetGalley). Encouraging to know there is interest to learn more about Saladin’s Secret and the aftermath at the battle at Mar Musa.

In the meantime, I hope sharing the cover of Part 2: Assassin Awakes will give you something to look forward too.

The question: Who is the woman?

Hint: She is mentioned in Part 1: Saladin’s Secret.

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