Assassin Awakes

In the style of Indiana Jones, the adventures of Lawrence of Arabia, and the mysteries of Dan Brown. 

The sequel to Part 1: Saladin’s Secret coming soon.




Reporting from the battlefield had taken its toll. Needing a break, he hoped his new friend, Lt. Bejamin Wright would led him to a remote outpost out of harms way as the conflict of the Great War raged across the desert.

Instead, Seekers, mysterious nomads hunting for an ancient dagger known as Saladin’s Hidayah, now in Marion’s possession, have brought him closer to danger.

Those around him and those he trusts are not whom they appear. Sgt. Sauer, a German fighting for the English knows more than he leds on, Brigadier General Smith is part of Ms. Bell’s spy network, and the ancient story of Saladin and Sinān seem to transcend time and are some how woven into the fabric of the Great War and the Desert Sea.

Marion is alone for the first time, not knowing who to trust.





Saladin's Hidaya - F.M. Jäger (c. 1917)
Saladin’s Hidaya – F.M. Jäger (c. 1917)

The Story

Destiny’s War is a series of novellas. The story is a fictional account based on the diaries of Francis Marion Jäger and weaves together two worlds: the Great War of the early twentieth century, and the ancient world. Part 1: Saladin’s Secret, leads us into the war and the mystery of Saladin’s secret.

The Hero

Francis Marion Jäger

He was named after his mother's great uncle, Francis Marion, a military officer in the American Revolution, “Swamp Fox”. Marion ran away from home at 14, after mother passed away. He traveled to the Middle East, romantically fantasying about the stories his mother told him about Sir Richard Francis Burton. While in Arabia he learns Arabic and travels to Mecca. He becomes a reporter for the London paper reporting on the First World War from the Middle East.

The Location

Set in the Middle East during the First World War. Adventure across the Egypt and Syria during the First World War. Explore secret ancient ruins of Azrak, Mar Musa and Shmemis.