Saladin’s Secret

In the style of Indiana Jones, the adventures of Lawrence of Arabia, and the mysteries of Dan Brown. 

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The Great War has raged for almost four years since the Archduke’s assassination. One man, one bullet, one death, caused nations to collide in chaos and felled people by the millions.

This story begins with a boy far from home in a foreign land, in a theater of conflict mired in confusion. It is a place of peoples and history woven together by stories passed through time in the oral tradition, creating a patchwork of myths. Lost are the parchments and scrolls bringing light to the truth.

The Desert Sea has laid waste to man and history, far more than any war ever could. It is the Desert Sea that plays a significant role in this story, the canvas on which the story is painted.

One man’s death was the singularity that spun the world into conflict. One boy may prevent the world’s destruction.


    "Readers who love the epic sweep of Lawrence of Arabia will find themselves immersed in that bygone era as seen through the eyes of a man who met everyone and experienced it all. Recommended." full review

  • Kirkus Reviews

    "This gripping story vividly brings to life a Middle East transformed by the cataclysms of modernity as well as the spirit of its ancient form. A thrilling combination of historical acuity and dramatic artfulness." full review


    "King is a superb author, his eloquence, research and cultural understanding shining through every line, word and paragraph of this wonderful book. As well as displaying his excellent qualities, Destiny's War contains some beautiful charcoal drawings, taken from Marion's very own original diary. As a whole, this book is well crafted and exceptionally presented; it is undoubtedly a piece of work of the highest quality, by a professional author with hugely impressive credentials, and I do recommend it highly."

  • Midwest Book Reviews

    "Think a solid historical piece paired with an Indiana Jones-style adventure and toss in some historical fantasy devices to get an idea of the flavor and absorbing read that is Destiny's War: Saladin's Secret. It's a vivid work highly recommended for alternative history fantasy fans who like more than a light dose of real-world history in the mix."

Marion’s Diary – Myth of Masyaf (circa 1917)


The Story

Destiny’s War is a series of novellas. The story is a fictional account based on the diaries of Francis Marion Jäger and weaves together two worlds: the Great War of the early twentieth century, and the ancient world. Part 1: Saladin’s Secret, leads us into the war and the mystery of Saladin’s secret.

The Hero

Francis Marion Jäger

He was named after his mother's great uncle, Francis Marion, a military officer in the American Revolution, “Swamp Fox”. Marion ran away from home at 14, after mother passed away. He traveled to the Middle East, romantically fantasying about the stories his mother told him about Sir Richard Francis Burton. While in Arabia he learns Arabic and travels to Mecca. He becomes a reporter for the London paper reporting on the First World War from the Middle East.

The Location

Set in the Middle East during the First World War. Adventure across the Egypt and Syria during the First World War. Explore secret ancient ruins of Azrak, Mar Musa and Shmemis.