The Story

Destiny's War

The age of empires has ended.

The Great War erupts across the known world, pitting empires against nations. The Middle Eastern desert becomes a battlefield, as the Ottoman Empire battle against the pressing British Forces.

A reporter, a spy, an archaeologist, are all proper descriptions of Marion by the age of 18. He ran away from home after his mother passed away, seeking to walk in the footsteps of Sir Richard Francis Burton, and he did, both literally and figuratively.

Traveling with the Imperial Camel Corp deep into enemy territory he discovers a history and a secret dating back centuries. The myths of Saladin, Sinan, Assassins, Templars hide a truth of an ancient war.

Marion does not know who to trust when a mysterious new enemy seek an artifact, which may hold a secret that could tip the balance of power.

Destiny's War Series

Destiny’s War is a series of novellas. The story is a fictional account based on the diaries of Francis Marion Jäger and weaves together two worlds: the Great War of the early twentieth century, and the ancient world. Part 1: Saladin’s Secret, leads us into the war and the mystery of Saladin’s secret.

Writing Destiny’s War was a unique journey of exploration of history, requiring research and detective work. I have provided footnotes and endnotes for those interested in the history, people, and places.

The Middle Eastern theater of the Great War (First World War), while not as extensively covered as the European theater, was a critical part of the war, which shaped the future of the Middle East. A more deep-rooted history—ancient history from thousands of years ago—is woven into this story: Saladin, Templars, Sinān, and Kahn, whose actions have laid the foundation for future events.

History does not consist of isolated events but of a series of cause and effect. We are often unaware of how an event today may influence the future; there is much truth to the law of unintended consequences and how far into the future the effects of our actions may reach.

If you would like to experience and visualize the Middle East during the Great War, I highly recommend viewing David Lean’s epic movie, Lawrence of Arabia.

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